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NARUWASCO was incorporated under Companies Act, Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya (Certificate of Incorporation Number C.128339 dated 14th September 2006). The company was primarily established to provide clean water and sanitation services within its area of jurisdiction. The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company has been aligned to the Constitution 2010, which provides that water Services is a devolved function. Accordingly, the company is now fully owned by the County Government of Nakuru.
The company has 9 Board of Directors (7 competitively recruited to represent stakeholders, and 2 representing the county government of Nakuru). The service area of the company is the whole of Nakuru County except Nakuru and Naivasha Urban Centers.
The day to day management of the activities of the company is in the hands of the staff headed by the Managing Director through an elaborate structure that enables each staff member to be responsibly accountable to an area of jurisdiction. Our area of jurisdiction with a population of 1.1million (2009 Census) has been divided into five distinct administrative regions/areas headed by Area Managers, namely: Eastern, Northern, Central, Western and Southern. We currently serve a population of 350,000 with water.

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