Total – Mau Summit Centre water supply

Good News for the Residents of Total-Mau Summit Area

A water supply project for Total-Mau summit area will benefit from a new water supply project done by NARUWASCO in conjunction with  Water for life and WaterWorX.

The project areas is located in Mau Summit, Molo sub county and lies along Nakuru – Eldoret highway A104. The town has local administration and a police station.

The total population in the area is about 17,000 people. This population number is based on the 2009 census and the projected population growth as shown in the table below. The projection is a 3.14% growth rate (source: 2009 census). The project area covers two sub locations, Sarambei and Koige. 

PERIOD 2009 2017 2018 2019
POPULATION 13,183 16,882 17,412 17,959


Map of proposed project area

The proposed project scope will consist of the following components.

  • Elevated steel tank 90m3 3:
  • Network extension 18.8km
  • 100-yard taps
  • 600 individual connections
  • Metering:700No – 15mm cold water meters, 1No – 80mm bulk meter & 2No – 50mm zonal meter
  • Equipping new borehole at Mau-Summit primary school,
  • Masonry tank 225m3
  • Accompanying measures that involves the activities to be undertaken by the WSP project task team led by the pro-poor officer in sensitization of the beneficiaries and other stakeholders.


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